• What is the NETD?

     NETD is the noise equivalent temperature difference of the infrared camera, which is one of the main indicators of infrared detectors. NETD is an objective evaluation index for the sensitivity of a thermal imaging system and can be used to predict the detection distance of a small temperature difference point target. The NETD value of the ZXIR infrared camera is less than 50mk. The smaller the NETD value, the higher the sensitivity.

    Why choose long wave infrared camera?

    The long wave infrared is between 8~14μm of the atmospheric window. The atmosphere will hardly absorb the infrared energy emitted by the object in this band. And the long wave infrared detector is generally an un-cooled detector, which is small in size and low in power consumption, and can be widely used in the civilian field.

    What is the pixel size?

    The pixel size is the distance between two adjacent pixels. For example, the pixel size of ZXIR infrared camera is 17μm the smaller the pixel size, the finer the picture.

    How does the temperature measurement function of infrared camera realized?

    Infrared camera is a device that forms an image by using infrared radiation of scene. By calculating the infrared energy of each pixel on the thermal imaging detector chip, we can obtain the temperature of the measured object through physical modeling.

    What is the data refresh rate of the infrared camera?

    The data refresh rate is the number of infrared image output frames per second. The higher the refresh rate, the better the picture continuity. The data refresh rate of ZXIR infrared camera is 25HZ(PAL) or 50HZ(HDMI).

  • How to solve the problem that the memory card is not stored?

    Please confirm whether the SD card has been formatted or replace the SD card. It is recommended to use  Kingston memory card.

    How to do when the visible light camera zoom does not work?

    Please check if you are using our 30 pin line. There are two types of 30 pin lines: direct ad cross. Our company uses a 30 pin crossover cable. 

    What is the reason for the red stripes on the infrared camera?

    There may be a problem with the test line. Please check if the test line is connected abnormally or damaged.

    What is the reason for the display without images?

    Please check whether the video format is correct( HDMI/AV1/AV2 or others), and to check if there is a problem with the cable.

    How to solve the problem that the serial port command does not respond?

    First, please confirm whether the baud rate and parity setting of the operating software are correct. Secondly, please confirm whether the serial port connection mode is matched. The serial ports of our company’s infrared camera includes TTL, RS232 and RS422, please confirm with our salesperson. Finally, please check if the serial port sent and received  correctly. 

    How to solve the problem when the SDI camera has a pink screen?

    Please confirm that the OSD settings of the operating software are correct. Take SDI XZ 8100as an example, it is required to select serial port 1, the baud rate is set to 115200, and the verification mode is need to choose mo calibration. If the temperature measurement function is used, the alarm temperature needs to be set to 300℃,and the core is selected to be Sony 7520. The frame rate is 1080P30. Please see below for details: