• ZX-SVL1-A  Product Features
    Parallel pipeline image processing architecture based on FPGA
    High real-time data transaction、High reliability
    High dynamic range (HDR) imaging based on multiple exposures
    Laser assisted illumination under low light conditions

    Unmanned system's perception of complex environment, such as UAV's terrain like flight and obstacle avoidance.

  • Image index

    Resolution 640 × 480
    Sensitive area size 1/3 inch
    Frame frequency 25Hz/50Hz
    Black-and-white/colour black and white
    Dynamic Range of Imaging >80dB
    Display mode PALsystem

    Working wavelength

    Working wavelength 650nmRed light
    Shape Four Price Doji
    Emissive power <20mW

    Distance measurement index

    Binocular base line length 150mm
    Distance measurement range 0.5-25m
    Distance measurement accuracy ≤5%@5m,≤10%@10m

    Environmental adaptability

    Working temperature -40℃~+60℃
    Storage temperature -45℃~+65℃


    Communication mode RS232
    Power supply DC2S-6S
    Weight binocular vision system<250g(Including wire)
    Power consumption <4W