Product features Product parameters VideoZX-C-IV Dual lights Camera

  • Dual lights camera

    Visible light hd continuous zoom camera + fixed focus infrared camera
    Integration of target recognition and tracking
    Integration of target recognition and tracking
    High image quality, strong scene adaptability
    The infrared camera has no camera shutter

    24 hours security monitoring in maritime affairs such as coastal prevention, wharfsurveillance and others such as forest fire prevention etc; preventive maintenance of power line detection, petrochemical and environmental protection; industrial vision; search and rescue; vehicle-mounted night vision and so on.

  • Infrared camera

    Working system Un-cooled long wave(8μm~14μm)
    Pixels of detector 640×480
    Size of pixel 17μm
    Focusing Athermalizing
    NETD ≤60mK(@25℃)
    MRTD ≤650mK(Under characteristic frequency)
    Imaging enhancement Automatically adjusts image brightness and contrast
    Automatic non-uniformity correction function Yes(without shutter)
    Digital zoom 2X∽4X
    Synchronization time function YES

    Visible light camera

    Way to work 1/2.9"CMOS sensor
    Video output pixels 1920×1080(H)×(V)
    Lens 10 times optical zoom lens, 2 million hd lens
    Focal distance 4.7~47mm±5%
    Aperture F1.6

    Tracking index

    Data refresh rate 25Hz-60Hz
    Tracking speed ±32 pixels/frame
    Target effective memory Yes
    Size of target 16x16~128x128pixels
    Display mode Infrared (black hot, white hot, pseudo-color), double light (infrared + visible light)

    Electrical interface

    Communication interface RS232/TTL
    Video output 1080P
    Power supply DC8V-16V


    Volume 93mmx49.5mmx79.5mm
    Weight <395g
    Power consumption <8.5W(@25℃)