• Five-mode core
    Mounting inside the cameras of 4K starlight, HD starlight, SD of large FOV, un-cooled infrared and laser light for instruction, the five-mode compound module achieves complementary advantages of different imaging bands and supports picture in picture display at one-click switchover ,double SD card storage , simultaneous recording of 4K as well as forming image in low illumination. The five-mode compound module can steadily track target with the abilities of target recapture and anti-occlusion. The module is small in size, light in weight and low in power consumption. It can be equipped in pods, gimbals and be used on different types of civil UAVs such as fixed wing, single rotor and multi-rotor for a wide variety of applications such as detection monitoring, border defense and anti-terrorism, pipeline inspection, intelligent transportation and disaster assistance, etc.

    Functional features
    The five-mode compound module consists of 4K starlight, HD starlight, SD of large FOV(field of view), un-cooled infrared and laser light for instruction
    Stable target tracking under the function of target size changing adaption, target loss recapture and anti-occlusion
    High quality visible light imaging under low illumination
    With a variety of communication and control methods
    Double SD card storage, synchronous recording of 4K/1080P image and video recording
    Infrared temperature measurement and temperature warning(optional)
    Application of DIS (digital information system) in azimuth, tilt and pitch direction to greatly reduce high frequency mechanical vibration caused by moving platform
    Small in size and low in weight

    Application field

    Power line inspection
    Forest fire prevention
    Detection monitoring
    Border defense and anti-terrorism
    Pipeline inspection
    Intelligent transportation
    Disaster assistance

  • Starlight image sensor parameters

    Image sensor Sony Type 1/2.8 Exmor R CMOS
    Effective number of pixels Approximately 2.13 mega pixels
    Signal to noise ratio Above 50dB
    Gain Automatic /manual operation
    White balance Automatic
    Lens 12mm
    Image enhancement YES
    Noise reduction YES

    Thermal imaging parameters

    Working system Un-cooled long wave(8μm~14μm)
    Detector pixels 640*480
    Pixel size 17μm
    Focusing mode Athermalizing
    Emissivity correction Emissivity 0.01-1 adjustable
    NETD ≤50Mk(@25℃)
    MRTD ≤650Mk(characteristic frequency)
    Image enhancement Automatically adjust image brightness and contrast
    Color palette Black hot, white hot, pseudo color
    Automatic non-uniformity correction function Yes (without shutter)
    Digital zoom 2X,4X
    Time synchronization function YES
    Temperature measurement mode Temperature bar(pseudo display) HT, LT, field center temperature
    Temperature warning Warning temperature -20℃~120

    Tracking performance

    Update rate of deviation pixel 50Hz
    Output lag of deviation pixel <15ms
    Maximum target contrast 5%
    Minimum target size 16*16 pixels
    Tracking velocity 32 pixels/ frame

    Electronic property

    Video output interface HDMI PAL RJ45
    Working voltage 12V
    Working current Quiescent current: 600mA(@12V)   Dynamic current: 800mA(@12V)
    Working temperature -35℃——55℃
    Weight 200g