Product features Product parameters VideoZX-IRV VOx Infrared Camera

  • Vanadium oxide HD  infrared camera
    A series of infrared thermal images developed based on a domestic 17um vanadium oxide uncooled long-wave infrared focal plane detector
    It has independent research and development of non-uniform correction, image enhancement and noise suppression algorithm
    Strong expansibility and rich control interface
    Small size and light weight
    It can adapt to a variety of infrared lenses, including zoom lens (with automatic focusing function)

    24 hours security monitoring in maritime affairs such as coastal prevention, wharf surveillance and others such as forest fire prevention etc; preventive maintenance of power line detection, petrochemical and environmental protection; industrial vision; search and rescue; vehicle-mounted night vision and so on.

  • Imaging and temperature measuring index

    Working system Un-cooled long wave(8μm~14μm)
    Pixels of detector 640×512
    Size of pixel 17μm
    NETD ≤50mK(@25℃)
    MRTD ≤550mK
    Imaging enhancement DDE
    The dimming method A/M
    Color palette Black hot, white hot, pseudo color
    Automatic non-uniformity correction function YES
    Shutter YES
    Digital zoom 1.0-4.0 continuous electronic zoom
    Synchronization  time function YES
    Screen freezes YES
    Indicates the cursor YES
    Startup time ≤10S

    Environmental adaptability

    Working temperature -40℃~60℃
    Storage temperature -40℃~65℃

    Electrical interface

    Communication interface RS232
    The key control 4 buttons
    Video output PAL
    Power supply 12V


    Volume 40mm×40mm×45.6mm
    Weight 100g(without lens)
    Power consumption ≤2.8W(@25℃)