Product features Product parameters VideoZX-D-V VL Imaging Tracking System

  • Product introduction

    Visible light imaging tracking system, locks and tracks targets and outputs controlling commands to flight control system of the UAV.

    Product Features

    Small in size, low power consumption, convenient for integration

    Adapt to image affine transformation caused by high speed movement

    Adapt to complex scene

    Strong resistance to shock and impact

  • Imaging index

    Resolution 640 × 480
    Black and white/color Color/Black and white

    Tracking index

    Output lag <20ms
    Minimum target contrast 5%
    Tracking speed ±32 pixels/frame
    Target memory tracking function YES
    Tracking features secondary lock
    Target size 16×16~128×128 pixels

    Electrical Interface

    Output video PAL system/SD Card original image recording(maximum 64G
    Communication interface RS232/TTL

    Environmental adaptability

    Working temperature -40℃~60℃
    Storage temperature -45℃~65℃


    Volume 38mm × 38 mm × 54.4mm
    Weight 80g
    Power consumption <3W(@25℃)