Product features Product parameters VideoZX-P-IV2-F-GL80 Tri-mode Pod

  • Product description

    With visible light camera, infrared camera and ranging laser, the pod is feasible for day-and-night imaging, distance measurement and so on.

    ZX-P-IV2-F-GL80  Product features

    Continuous zooming HD visible light camera + un-cooled infrared camera with fixed-focus lens + laser instructor for distance measurement

    Two-axis gyro stability system

    Image stabilizing, target searching, tracking and locating

    Original HD video storage (optional)


    Investigation, monitoring, forest fire prevention, power line inspection, frontier anti-terrorism, oil and gas pipeline inspection, intelligent transportation, disaster rescue.

  • Control parameters

    Stable system azimuth/pitch
    Rotation range azimuth 360º×n, pitch-100º~+100º
    Stability accuracy better than 0.3mrad
    Maximum search angular speed 60º/s

    Whole performance

    Visible light camera Sony7520,1920×1080pixels,f=4.7~129mm,field of view7º×4º~65º×37º
    Infrared camera Focal length 50mm,640×480pixelsfield of view 12.4º×9.5º
    Laser ranging The maximum ranging range of 2km, ranging error±1 meter
    Video output 1080P/30frames/HD-SDI

    Electrical parameters

    Power DC 12V/5A
    Power consumption Average≤30WMaximum60W

    Appearance parameter

    Volume φ190mm×h270mm
    Weight ≤3kg